Let me send you my book, FREE!

I was honored to have my first book. Defining Moments of Courage  hit #1 on Amazon.com on July 10, 2012  
All the authors and I were totally ecstatic!!!  
If you know anything about the publishing of books, there are probably 100 Really Great books - 
...that come out every single day.
As you might guess, the "#1"-ness, didn't last as long as my fragile ego would have liked :-)
Anyway, after having my books stored in the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) warehouse for a few years, I just wanted
to stop paying the storage fees and thus I have 10 to 15 books that I figured I'd just give away.

So, for the first 10 of my friends, I just need to know where you'd like me to ship it.

  *  If you want to pay for shipping, cool.  

  *  If not, also cool. ... OR,

  *  If you want to meet up we can do that too.
Choose whatever option works for yah.

Sound cool?  Right on!  I Owe You A Smoothie.
Live the Dream!
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